This week we talk a lot of Google, with Another patent, Multitouch Analytics, Net Neutrality, Trademarks and more. Plus Twitter influentials, and Yahoo powers search with some new modules.

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Bye Bye Google Wave
It was launched a year ago as being the tool to replace e-mail. Nobody had ever seen something THAT innovative: Google Wave. The problem was that nobody really ‘understood’ what the exact use of Wave was, even the developers claimed they didn’t know entirely. This week Google decided to stop developing on Wave because Wave has not seen the user adoption Google would have liked. Without a doubt the technique will be re-used somewhere, also because most is available in open source, but the product won’t be developed and supported by Google anymore. Google Wave will continue to run until the end of this year.

Respond to reviews in Google Places
Google Places however is far from dead. Google announced another feature this week which is interesting for business owners. If you’re a verified Google Places business owner, you can publicly respond to reviews written by Google Maps users on the Place Page for your business. This makes Places an even more ‘social’ product because owners can get in touch with reviewers.

Google buys Slide
Now we’re talking Google and social, Googles so called Facebook killer, Google Me, has come a step closer with the acquisition of Slide this week. Slide is a social technology company focussed on connecting people over different platforms. Elements of Slide are already used in products like Gmail, Docs, Blogger, Picasa and YouTube, but also in competitors products and now Google has full control. The buy should alson be seen as a token of control and a way of making money.

Twitter influential's: Mashable & Google
There are many out there who believe a lot of followers equals high influence. This is not always true. A study performed by researchers from different universities, showes the importance of separating "influence" from "popularity". They measure engagement instead of followers. Off course the lists attract the most attention. It showes Mashable has the most influence. Followed by amongst others Google.
The Study can be found on Scribd (see link in the post on State of Search). Be sure to also take a look at an article by Peter Young on State of Search entitled “Are social signals ever going to usurp links” which talks about influence and noice.

Google Trademarks
Google last week announced a move in Europe which it had made in the US long before. Starting September 14th Google will no longer monitor or restrict keywords for ads served to users in almost all of Europe in response to trademark complaints. It means you can bid on trademarked keywords, but not use them in the text. In the UK however you can use them in the text. Find responses from industry leaders on the subject on State of Search

Google & Verizon killing net neutrality?
A bit of a weird rumor last week. Google and Verizon were said to have struck a deal making it possible for Verizon to prioritize some broadband traffic. That would mean a serious impact on net neutrality. Both Google and Verizon denied the deal in the New York Times, but the discussion is now open.

Google Analytics introduces Multitouch Analytics
Good news for the hard core Google Analytics users. Through Avinash Kaushik Google announced it is going to be integrating Multitouch Analytics with Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses a so called "attribution model”. This is based on "last session initiator", the channel through which your site was found that initiated the last session of browser activity for the given visitor before the sale. Multitouch Analytics integrates with Google Analytics and offers additional reports that give you the full story on which marketing channels have been touched by your buyers.

Yahoo! Search-Powered Features
Though Yahoo is integrating Bing it doesn’t stop developing new stuff for their searchengine. This week they were rolling out new search-powered features across the Yahoo! Network.

There's a new module for Yahoo! News called “Infinite Browse” which shows related search content below news stories. Also there are “Trending Now” lists, which show you trending topics. When you click on any of the terms on the Trending Now list, you will find the latest information about a topic and see related content from Yahoo! Search.

Sitemap patent
Another Google patent. This time Google filed and got a patent on a Web crawler scheduler that utilizes sitemaps. A web crawler scheduling system receives a notification from a website or web server. In response to the notification, the system accesses one or more sitemap(s) for documents associated with the website or web server. Its not a uncommon way of working for those in the SEO business, but at least now its patented.

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