Hello Again,

A little status update from yours truly... it's been a minute since my last transmission. I promise I've been busy making sweet sweet music.

This is my current setup using monome with Ableton Live and MaxForLive with patches LiveClipChopper and ADC2MIDI for the beams buttons and knobs and a Kaoss Pad in MIDI mode setup as an 8 channel Fx mixer. I highly recommend pressing shift+8 and downloading the editor for some good times!

I have the clips setup on the first 4 rows. No more than 4 parts at once keeps it manageable, 2 submixes for fx routing on the knobs one for drums the other for everything else and the fader setup to a/b the fx... Beams are mapped to filter sweeps on the time based effects, beat repeats and other macros...

I pulled 3 short samples for this track from vinyl, let's see if anyone can guess where they came from! and extra points if you can name the sampler in the background!

The rest of the sounds were made with either my bent Casio SK1 or the SAMMICH SID which is my favorite DIY kit synth. It's powered by two Commodore C64 Synth chips and is super bad ass. Huge Props to TK and the MIDIbox platform for that one.

The wubwubwubWobble Bass was made with the SAMMICH using stacked saw waves, the wavetable for an envelope generator and some clip automation in ableton...

This is the most fun I've had making a track in a while and wanted to share it with you all. More to come...

Thanks for watching and listening.



Download this song on Soundcloud!

Video shot with two Canon HDV cameras and chopped and squished in Final Cut Express.

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