Beach Bot Bingo Dance Party ! TronBot (my circuit bent robot) & ME (Bill T Miller) spent July 4th holidays on tour in North Carolina. Just another family outing at Ocean Isle Beach, just like when I was a kid in the 60s/70s. My brother David, my MMMom and super photog and babe Sheri out getting a tan and some fresh ocean air with the tourists. Truth is, I never ever take a "vacation" and am always working/playing in some fashion.

Stay tuned for more videos of my Bill T Miller Orgy Of Noise NC Tour 2010 adventures in the studio and live improv sessions with the rest of the MILLER FAMILY.


* Director & Editor & Camera: Bill T Miller (BTM)
* Camera Operators: Sheri Hausey, David Miller, Marlene Miller
* Assistant Editor: ZiggyCat

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