Welcome to the Future (未来へようこそ) – GOMMI ARCADE presents the animated trailer for Episode I: Welcome to Neo Tokio.

The saga began with the release of the limited edition ‘Future-Shock’ watch, created in collaboration with the futurist fashion brand Nooka, a time manipulation device worn by Gommi in our story and brought out into the human world, which will be followed by a series of creative projects. So stay tuned as we continue to bring fashion, art, music, style and technology back from the future and into the present!

Animated Trailer (above) and Plot Synopsis (below).

Title: GOMMI ARCADE® – Episode I: Welcome to Neo Tokio (Animated Teaser)

Genre(s): Anime (Japanese animation), Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure.

Spec: 3D Animation.

Summary: A creative prodigy in a digital world discovers a mysterious mask that enables him to see the real world and with the help of his friends, he uses its power to combat the ruling elite.

Length/Duration: (:39).

To Be Continued…


Length/Duration: (:39)

Title: GOMMI ARCADE – Episode I: Welcome to Neo Tokio

Story by Zak Hoke

Animated by Maurice Caicedo

Music by Precize for GFCnew york

Co-Directed by Zak Hoke and Creative Control

Produced by Malcolm Phipps for DreamShop, LLC/Gommi Arcade, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 GOMMI ARCADE, Inc. All of the text, words, art, pictures, logos, characters, story, concept and images herein, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted by Zak Hoke for GOMMI ARCADE, Inc.

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