Spooky schools of Singularity thought for this week ending the 01/08/10: Browsing and behavioural tracking on the web becoming more prevalent, we are not alone as Kepler finds hundreds of Earth-like planets, DNA factories just around the corner - DIY life mail-orders in a few years perhaps, IBM develops an incredible network map of the human brain, and we discuss the three prevailing schools of thought for the Singularity: accelerating change, event horizon and intelligence explosion. It's spoooooooky ;)

Please visit the website to see the full show notes and links: hive45.com/shows/episode-26-spooky-singularity/

Stories covered this week:
The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets, How We Found Hundreds Of Potential Earth-like Planets, DNA Factory Plans to Open Within 6 Months, IBM Scientists Create Most Comprehensive Map of the Brain’s Network, Three Major Singularity Schools of Thought

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