We had 1 week to produce a short video for our local Superstore, that will play as a loop on TVs in the produce section, starting tomorrow, to promote a program called "Grown Close To Home." Essentially, it's to draw more attention to local produce.

We were asked last week to create something, and had very few guidelines. By the time we decided what exactly we wanted to do for this, we thought we should go to different places and interview people about the entire process of growing, distributing and selling local produce.

We headed to the Annapolis Valley to interview Andy Vermeulen, who is a vegetable farmer. Then we decided to go to the Loblaw Atlantic distribution center in Caledonia, New Brunswick and interviewed Doug Kelly who is a warehouse supervisor at the distribution center. We decided our last interview should be with someone at the Superstore in Halifax, so we interviewed Ken Kelly, who is a produce manager.

By the time we had all of this done, we were left with 1 day to edit the video. So, it's not perfect, but we're pretty happy with it overall.

The video was shot on the Canon T2i, with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 for 98% of the shots, and a Canon 75mm - 300mm f/4-5.6. We shot as wide open as we could whenever possible.

For audio, we recorded separate from the camera, using a Zoom H4n and a wireless lapel mic.

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