This is the imagery of Mountain Unicycling; Muni.

None of the riding is too intense, nor could it be as my ankle still heals from my injury at NAUCC (North American Unicycling Championships and Convention).

However, I wanted to get some good use out of my new camera and decided to do so by telling a miniature story and showing a bit more of the experience of an actual muni ride rather than mass together a bunch of random clips of intense riding.

Mountain unicycling is an excellent escape. Your mind is acutely clear as you focus on the world around you and the task of balance at hand.

About thirty minutes of filming from my two hour ride this afternoon went in the creation of this short video. It was filmed on the Canon HV20, bare camera on tripod. Editing was done in Sony Vegas Pro 8.

Thank you for watching.

(For those of you without a Vimeo account who want to download the full quality version: [right-click "save as"])

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