Billy, head of the local Neighborhood Watch program, takes his job very seriously. Perhaps a little too seriously. Will he ever realize his dream of being a "real" cop, or is he destined to this role forever?

This was the second film by Fools & Film Productions. It was produced for the 48 Hour Film Project on July 19th, 2008. The "required elements" were:

- Prop: A wrench
- Character: Kevin or Kristen Browning, a runner
- Line of Dialog: "But what about global warming?"

The equipment used:

- Panasonic DVX100a Camcorder (@24P)
- Audio Technica AT55 Shotgun Microphone
- Macbook Pro Computer (for audio rec and post)
- BoomRecorder Audio Recording Software
- iMovie 5.02
- Homemade Steady-Cam
- Homemade PVC Pipe Camera Dolly
- Homemade Camera Jib/Crane

Behind the scenes photos here (thanks Tiffany and Anne!):

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