The Guide to Rome for All the Foreigners by Andrea Palladio
Translated by Englishman Schakerlay
Video by Ashley Park
Narration by Erin Beekie
With Help from Professor Rudolph Bell and Ana Moreno
Programs Used: Google Earth, Screen Record Studio, Final Cut Pro

Abstract: The allure of ancient Rome lies in the grandeur of its architecture and the history that lines its streets. Renowned artists and literary figures, such as Benvenuto Cellini and Michel Eyquem de Montaigne, travelled to Rome in pursuit of intellectual and inspirational enrichment. This project aims to portray and remodel in a digital medium The Guide To Rome For All the Foreigners Who Come to See the Antiquities of Rome, a written tour originally composed by Andrea Palladio, a renowned architect of the Italian Renaissance in the mid-sixteenth century. Using the software package ScreenRecord Studio, I filmed and synchronized the video tour with a pre-recorded audio of the text. The finished product promotes historical scholarship through a modern medium of learning. The video tour seeks to inspire a sense of wonder, similar to that experienced by travelling scholars of old, within today’s generation of young people.

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