Well, on the East side we were graced with beautiful easterly winds from 18-22mph. That has to mean an afternoon off work and head to the beach. The PTW Dominator had been finished just five days before, so this was the perfect opportunity to test this new buggy out.

The buggy weighs in at 66kgs, I could tell this from just dragging the buggy onto the beach. Once there I put a 4.5m PKD Century up, sat in the buggy and off I went....

First impressions were that is was very comfy and very rigid, I went about a mile down the beach before turning and heading back. Once powered up fully, the buggy felt like a train on rails literally, it just keeps on going straight, the Windragon buggy ahead of me was getting ragged side ways quite a lot and it wasn't long before I caught and passed him, simply because of the line I was holding.

During the session MrMAWalker, Road-Dog and Rustray tried the buggy out, and all came back with huge grins on their faces, MrM in particular, seemed to take forever in it, I was watching this 20 stone guys as he pushed the Dominator into hard turns, and twists, he even went into the sea up to his belly in it...This buggy is just so rigid, I have never been in a buggy like it, it just feels sooooo good and right, in fact I would just about say, this is the perfect buggy. I thought the PTW SuperBug was perfect, but it just goes to show, there is always room for improvement.....it's awesome.

During one of the many long runs I went on in these perfect conditions, I was catching Rustray in his Radsail Buggy, I was going quite quickly, and he was on the ragged edge being slightly over powered, I thought it best to pass him up wind as he was getting dragged down wind....I was coming up close when a huge gust caught me and dragged me off my line about 6", all of a sudden my rear down wind wheel caught Rustrays rear wheel and just rode over it, the impact sent me flying through the air while the buggy just carried on as though I was still in it. No damage to the Radsail or me as I landed smoothly, laughing my head off.

The Dominator passed every test I through at it with flying colours, many people had been concerned about it being heavy at the rear end, I had mentioned many times though that the front end was indeed quite heavy itself, I have loads of opportunities for adjustment on this buggy, but in all honesty, I would not alter a single setting on this buggy, when the winds picked up and I was over powered all three wheels broke the line together, I don't know why, but I seem to have this knack of making and setting up a perfectly balanced buggy almost every time.....Anyone is more than welcome to try this buggy out, if they see me on the beach...I am quietly confident, you will love it.

Testing session

62.5 miles travelled
45.1mph top speed
moving average 23.4 mph

testers Popeyethewelder, MrMAWalker, Road-Dog and Rustray

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