Expanded Timecode Vinyl

Project description:

vinyl+ is an interactive installation, experimenting with the expansion of timecode vinyl. Virtual objects are projected onto the surface of a white record and come to life when the record is played. Their behaviour changes depending on the rotational speed of the record as well as the position of the turntable‘s needle. The vinyl acts as the screen, interface and apparent carrier for generative audiovisual software pieces. The combination of turntable, computer and projector results in a new device, oscillating between analog and digital, hard- and software.

Users are encouraged to spin the record for- and backwards and to carefully reposition the needle.


Alias in Wonderland, Vienna, Austria

EMAF, Osnabrück, Germany
FILE, São Paulo, Brazil
NEWAIR, Vienna, Austria
NODE, Frankfurt, Germany

Cloud Sounds, NIMK, Amsterdam

Supported by City of Vienna/Department of Culture (Wien Kultur).

Also thanks to Native Instruments for support!

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