The fine cut of Opera Cinema Strike Force's 48 Hour Film Project submission "Game Night", featured in the Best of Portland 2009. "Game Night" won the awards for "Best Costumes" and "Best Graphics". Game Night is an Opera Noir featuring Opera Theater Oregon and many others including:

Sarah Cawley as Helen Astor
Claire Craig-Sheets as Della Delia
Jeremy Sloan as Chip Von Kuske, III
Michael Miersma as Detective Jake Sloan
Marjorie Reeves as Lab Technician Brian Merryweather

Katie Taylor
Jen Wechsler

Ian Probasco

Assistant Director
Jen Wechsler

Music Composer
Galen Huckins

Choral Arranger
Ben Landsverk

Written by
Pat Janowski and
Katie Taylor

Director of Photography
Darren Aevermann

Sound Engineer
Frank Stearns

Ian Probasco

Music Conductor
Associate Producer
Tuesday Jane Rupp

Ronda Adkins, bass clarinet
Erin Adair, flute
Leaha Phillips, viola
Kris Klavik, oboe
Skip Von Kuske, cello
Jeff Grauzer, contrabass
Kate Petak, harp
Adam Whiting, piano
Justin Smith, trumpet and whistler

Julie Flaming
Marjorie Reeves
Susan Harris
Gretchen Drilling
Danielle Ross
Yvonne Miller-Ross
Mary Kay Nitchie Lodwick
Elie Charpentier
James Powell
Kristen Buhler
Eve Connell
Shannon Jones
Cygan Q
Timothy L. Galloway
Stella Tea
Ruby Gallagher

Josh Clements
John Edel
Helen Funston
Brandon Gode
Scott Green
Sohail Nayani
Alex Perez
Brandon Gode
Sibyl Lazzara

Foley Artist
Galen Huckins

Camera Operators
1st Unit Gabby Francis
2nd Unit Chelsea Clark-James

Video Assistant
Daniel Mungovan

Art Director
Jen Wechsler

Scenic Artist
Gina Gubitosi

Art Department
Emily Franz
Gina Gubitosi
Rachel Cherry

Prop Master
Carly Sertic

Special FX Technician
Kai Shelton

Wardrobe Department
Megan S. Hale
Rebecca Wright
Rachel Cherry

Makeup Artists
Genelle Holub
Kandyce Holub

Special FX Makeup
Robert Damien Brooksbank
John F. Niehaus

Hair Stylists
Susan Sittko Schaefer
Andrew Spink

Lighting and Grip Department
Jennifer Lynn
Chelsea Clark-James
Gabby Francis

Titles Designers
Jackie Wechsler
Bubba Swarer

Craft Services
Linda Wechsler

Location Manager
Julie Flaming

Emily Franz
Sibyl Lazzara

Production Assistants
Sibyl Lazzara
Nathan Alvarez
Jodi Rosenlof
Linda Wechsler

Special Thanks!
Opera Theater Oregon
The Board of Directors and Members of the University Club of Portland.
Robert J. Parsons
John Goodwin
Harold Raifsnyder
Wired MD
Someday Lounge
Dark Soldier Designs
Mobile Audio Recording Service (
Frank Stearns
Craig Kingsbury
Frank DiMarco
Flash Choir
Roxy Consort
Mattie Kaiser
Classical Revolution PDX
Portland Area Theater Alliance
Tom McFadden
Eric Bates
Ben Hayden
Jeff Cawley
Claire Craig-Sheets
Suzanne Moulton
Jaik Faulk

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