Hi Sean...!!

Welcoming Sean James Gunawan to the big family....!! Sean was born on August 9th, 2010 in Sydney. It was such a blessing for me to be there filming even before he was born. It started at 4am when my brother, Jimmy, called me and woke me up in the middle of a very deep "inception" dreaming and he said "Marcel, it's happening now" and I replied "what is happening???". Then, I came to their place and started filming till they arrived in the hospital. And of course, I wasn't in the hospital the whole time, I went home as soon as they went up to the delivery room. Not long after that, I was given the news that Sean was born at 6.32am.

At 11.30am, Jimmy went home to pick up his first daughter, Rachel, to the hospital to see her brother for the first time. She prepared a present for Sean earlier. She looked so excited to see her mom and Sean. And for the first time as well, she called herself, "Cici Rachel" (big sister). Rachel was also getting a present from Sean that she was so loving it.

In the evening, the whole family came to see baby Sean. It was good to see everyone together in this happy day.

Day 4, Sean went home. The big family has been waiting for this moment. Rachel has also been waiting to play with his brother and her proud parents, Jimmy and Michelle.

Here what I have done to celebrate the birthday of Sean James. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the film!

The whole family is in the film. Even I am also in the film as well. Spot me if you can!! :)

PS. Next week is Rachel's 2nd birthday. I will be filming her birthday, so stay tuned for more of Rachel and Sean next week!!

Congratulation to the happy family... Jimmy, Michelle and Rachel Jane Gunawan!!!


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