Well after a long week of editing this thing together, I've finally finished it.

A little background concerning the video.

Exactly a week ago, last Saturday I went to see my friend play in a local league, and since he asked me to make a couple of videos of him playing I brought along my Rebel T2i. I initially had no ideas of how I was going to put it all together so I just filmed whatever I liked. There really wasn't a plan of any kind of the finished product.

So about Monday of this week I got a really cool mix, and as I began editing the video I shot, I decided to put down the first 4 tracks of the mix since they're all short, like 1 and a half to 2 minutes each.

I then got the idea to just syncing the video to beats and fx, and melodies that I hear in the music. I mean, it's nothing new and it's been done in music videos a lot..but subconsciously (and then I became aware of it) I was sorta copying also LFO - Freak video. There's a cool section towards the end that does this technique. Again, I've synced my videos to beats and fx before though, it's nothing new.

What IS new however, and I haven't seen this anywhere, is that this is like a Video mix, accompanied by music mix. I thought that was fresh, at least to me. So I went along with it.

I like the finished product, it's far from perfect since there really wasn't an aim, or goal or a kind of structure when I was shooting it. But for the sake of experimentation. I think it's decent.

Lots of sitting in front of computer, pays off when you do tedious editing like this.

I hope you enjoy it.

All music by Phaeleh.


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