LMTD Tours is pleased to announce our guided explorations into the future/past of humanity will continue throughout September and October 2010.

This motion visual contains a full exploration record captured in July 2010 at Street 2, The Street Theatre, Canberra.

"THE LAST MAN TO DIE" explores a future where humanity has triumphed over ageing and death and looks back at a time when people lived for barely a single century. You'll experience first hand the brave new world explored by those first immortals and the choices faced by the last to die.

LMTD Tours Transtemporal Explorers are:
Hanna Cormick - Personality Substrate
Benjamin Forster - Visualisation Engineer
Charles Martin - Sonification Conductor
Peter Butz - Theatrical Systems Controller
Christina Hopgood - Network/Social Liaison Officer

Motion Visuals Capture/Composition: Peter Butz

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