Quad Time is a finalist at the Vimeo+ Awards 2012!! Woo!

A big thank you to all those who voted for us

Imagine music and video playing a game together. And telling stories at the same time. That’s what it’s like to experience a performance by audio-visual collective Origamibiro.

Brace yourself for the full length 'Shakkei' remix album featuring remixes by Plaid, ISAN, Remote Viewer, Set In Sand, Upward Arrows, Melodium, Calika, Offthesky, Last Man on Mars and many more. Due out on May21st

'Shakkei' the second album by Origamibiro is also available to buy online now. Go here for download:
Go here for physical copy:

Finally download our Quad Time Single Release for FREE featuring remixes from Leafcutter John, Joseph Minadeo, Soil and Water, Juxtaphona and Low In the Sky as well as the Quad Time video.

Go here to download: origamibiro.com/page17.htm

Thanks for watching!


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