Great, London's Piccadilly Circus meet up. Lots of great characters. Not a lot of footage, to much chin wagging.

Thank you to all the nice people.
Sorry Nel ;) - 'The Umbrella Shaker'

Shot with the Canon 5Dmk2, using the detached lens method. As I have had many requests on methods here are the general guidelines.

You need to start with a non canon mount lens, like a nikon f-mount or M42.
If you try this with a canon mount you won't be able to get the back focus right and not get infinity focus.
Once you have your non canon mount lens, M42 work the best as they don't foul the camera body when you try and swivel the lens.

1/ Start by setting the camera to live view.
2/ Open the aperture fully on the lens and set the focus to infinity.
3/ Hold the camera body to your chest with your right hand.
4/ Pickup the lens with your left hand. (50mm or wider work the best).
5/ Still with the left, hand hold the lens tight up to the body of the camera with your thumb and index finger whilst pinching the middle finger of your left hand, causing the lens to rock on this pinch. (Note: How much middle finger to pinch depends on the amount to back focus the lens)
6/ Try and use your left hand palm to act as a hinge that allows the focus to be adjusted by changing the gap between the lens and the body.
7/ Change the shutter speed as desired.
8/ If your worried about dirt or dust getting on the sensor 1/ Don't do it. 2/ Cut out some good optical quality polyester film like Melinex and fit it under the camera bodies lens mount, on top of the contact pins. Has to be good quality otherwise you will get blooming on highlights. You can also use ND filter film acting as a dust blocker and filter. (Filters on the rear of the lens are very forgiving).

• Don't try and focus using the focus ring on the lens.
• Only change the focus ring slightly away from infinity to adjust the back focus that will cause you to decrease the gap between the lens and the camera, thus blocking extreme light from entering the camera (if needed).
• Have fun.

More examples of whacking:

Group Meet-up people in shot, quick links/jumps: (once film has loaded fully first)
• Nel - VillageBoi - 01:36 01:51 - His Vimeo Films
• Daniele Cuccia - 00:28 (holding camera) 01:37 - His Vimeo Films
• Tony Stark - 01:32 - His Vimeo Films
• Barry Best - 00:50 01:10 01:20 - His Vimeo Films
• Theo Shaw - 01:05 - His Vimeo Films
• TJ Jeffrey - 00:42 - Her Vimeo Films
• Simon Bevis - 00:33 - His Vimeo Films
• Niklas Kristensson - 01:49 - His Vimeo Films

• Philip Bloom - His Vimeo Films

Send me a comment with your appearance time and I'll put you on the list.

Music: Eros - Ludovico Einaudi

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