(This film contains drug usage, mature language, and violence.)

The story of a woman at the crossroads of her life. Part dancer, part drug-dealer, Stephanie reaches a turning point after she is robbed of the money she owes a New York City drug boss. Confronted by her impending doom, she descends from day into night, as she juggles a client, a stranger, and her best friend, on the way to an inevitable showdown between her, the drug boss, and the mysterious thief threatening to derail her life.

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Shot on-location in 12 hours in Queens, New York City. Running time: 19 minutes, 18 seconds.

Starring Stephanie Danielson, Lauren Fortgang, and Peter Ganim. With Dan Chen and Travis Collins.

Assistant Director: Christopher Camp

Sound Recording: Julissa Ortega

Dance Choreography: Stephanie Danielson

Original Score: John King

Produced by Amil Dave and Sumeet Bharati

Written and Directed by Amil Dave

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