IBM and Linden Labs recently announced a historic breakthrough in virtual worlds: "...research teams from the two companies successfully teleported avatars from the Second Life Preview Grid into a virtual world running on an OpenSim server, marking the first time an avatar has moved from one virtual world to another".

The topic for this Metaverse Meetup was OpenSim and virtual worlds interoperability and we were very fortunate to be featuring leading pioneers of OpenSim as presenters: David Levine of IBM Research (Zha Ewry in SL) and Adam Frisby of DeepThink Labs (Adam Zaius in SL). Tish Shute (Tara5 Oh in SL), who writes about OpenSim on her blog Ugotrade, was guest moderator and Global Kids generously hosted us in their space.

More info:

Metaverse Meetup:

Video by Annie Ok and Derek Lerner

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