Group: J squared
Genre: Adventure Serial
Prop: Picture of Mom
Line: "What's that smell?"
Character: Maggie or Michael Charles (Scientist)

We only had 48 hours to come up with a story and execute it. Rather than go with the typical "Adventure Serial" type film we tried to make it with a non linear approach and try newer ideas with what an adventure serial is. It follows the same criteria most have such as bad guy vs. good guy, episodic, cliffhanger, and a little cheese.

We were a crew of 4 and had two actors and one actress for the mothers message.

We spent a lot of time getting lighting right in the warehouse scene. I thought it turned out pretty well. We had to kind of bang out the other two scenes unfortunately.

this was a first time competing in a 48 HR film fest for all of our crew members and actors. It was a lot of fun and I think I'll be ready for the next year it comes around.

This is the same edit that was in the film festival. We tweaked a few minor audio issues and strange cuts but for the most part it's the same.

Director: Julian Cicone & Josh Minogue
DP: Josh Minogue
Camera Operators: Josh Minogue, Julian cicone and Ryan Boran
Grip & Boom: Adam Lewis

Jack Sparringly: Max Reid
Beardneck: Brian Sprague
Mom: Anna Smythe
Michael Charles: Julian Cicone


Cameras: Canon 5D Mk. II & Canon 7D

Lenses: Canon 85mm 1.4 & 35mm 1.2
(I'll have to check that out because I don't remember)

Audio: Zoom H4n & Senheiser ME66/K6

Slider: Glidetrack w/ 701HDV Head

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