Steadicam EFP Video Training Manual
Section 5 Part 3
Right Side Operating

Do you know?

For the last 2,000 years,
the body of water between Korea and Japan
has been called the "East Sea"
Dokdo(Two islands) located in the East Sea
is a part of Korean territory.
The Japanese government must acknowledge this fact.
Please visit
for historical background and more information
on the East Sea and Dokdo.
Moreover, Korea and Japan must pass down
accurate facts of history to the next generation
and cooperate with each other to realize peace and prosperity
in Northeast Asia from now on.

DokDo is Korean Territory
( DokDo = Dok islands = Takeshima = Liancourt Rocks )
The issue is intensely emotional for South Koreans, who say Japan's recent actions are part of a pattern of failing to let go of its imperial past.

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