The documentary features a group of human species with their own culture, tradition, language, identity, religion, healing practices and civilization, but are on the verge of near-extinction.

The modern world noticed them less than a decade ago, in the remote foothills of the Himalayas in central Nepal.

At the best of their times, about 300 years ago, they were reportedly 400 in number. When first noticed in 2000, they were 75. Now, their population has dwindled down to mere 60.

Because of their nomadic lifestyle, characterized by their disinterest in farming and loving to live in temporary fences in deep forest in solitude, they are literally heralded as "The Human Apes".

The UN, UNESCO and the government of Nepal recognized this group as the most vulnerable among the 57 endangered ethnicities in Nepal, yet little has been done to preserve and sustain this ethnic group and their civilization.

It took a decade of research to make this documentary. Due to the armed conflict and volatile political situation in Nepal, it is made with the resources collected and research carried out from 2000 to 2009.

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