Here’s what critics are saying about Fobbies Are Borange Episode 37.5 (FaB: THE MOVIE):

“Honestly I had no idea it would be this bad. Fobbies Are Borange should definitely stick to radio-only.”

“I was so incredibly distracted by the floating hat that I finished the movie and realized I hadn’t actually seen anything.”

“The most redeeming factor about this is that you can turn it off.”

“Is that dude in drag? Hahahahah!”

“The actors are blatantly laughing on camera, shots are strange and inconsistent, the editing is sloppy, and the script makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. This is one I’d bury forever.”

“It’s almost as if they were trying to make something incredibly bad. Actually, for now I’m assuming that was the goal: good job, FaB team.”

“Bus Driver did not get enough on-screen time. I’m thinking a sequel that revolves around him as the protagonist would be light years more successful than this garbage.”

“This is garbage.”

“I absolutely agree with the statement above this one.”

“You’d think the fact it was in High Definition would be appealing, but it’s actually even more of a turn-off: not only do you get to see the worst film ever, you get to see it in glorious high-def!”

“Definitely one for the fans. The hardcore fans who rock themselves to sleep at night in the fetal position whispering ‘fobbies’ over and over to themselves before passing out due to the marker-sniffing.”

“Watch it. You won’t be disappointed (until you get to the end and realize what you’ve seen, then you’ll be immensely disappointed—and depressed to boot!)”

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