I actually always wanted to upload and share this little experiment, as I couldn't find any example film, taken with the digital zoom of the GH1 yet.

Why trying to use a digital zoom at all ? Well ... I used a c-mount lens for that and wanted to get rid of the vignetting.

The lens used for these testshots is quite weird anyway ;-)) It's a Cosmicar TV lens 12.5-75mm. It opens widest at f=1.8. Not really sharp at all focal lengthes full open, but I wanted to experiment with that too.

However, considering the 2x digital zoom, you have something like a 25-150mm vario lens, which opens at 1.8. All these shots have been taken at night, but the GH1 was not hacked yet at that time.

The contents is simple. Just a few shots passing by at the Hachiko crossing in Shibuya on my way home.

Remarkable is the the singer though. She is a politician, advertising the slogan "Turn all weapons into musical instruments" ... I have never seen such a good looking and well singing politician before ... hahaha ... oh, and I forgot to mention - she was a Karate-champion too !!!

True woman power :-)))

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