Wanderer Session #34: Green Paper
Filmed in Piscataway, New Jersey
Summer 2010

They asked if I wanted to film on a rooftop. They asked if I wanted to film in the woods. They asked me if I wanted to go all these random places they must have thought to be picturesque enough. I really didn't want to go to another rooftop, another piece of woodland, another park bench, another cliched spot with a pretty sun or skyline. But it's interesting how many musicians have these scenic images as the default pictures in their brains for a film. I really didn't have to deflect their ideas for that long though before this group of friends eventually busied themselves with their own banter.

They chuckled at each other's jokes and stories about some mishaps where one of them gets slapped with a pickle or almost hurting themselves while playing a saw like a violin. I was as much a spectator to their jeering as I was with their music. It was nice to see. In a way, their enthusiasm for each other's company is a nice analogy to their songs. Everyone has their own personalities and ideas that go every which way. Some songs were fast with a Brit-Pop-esque tune to it. Some songs were slow and folky. Some songs were short, some songs had long bridges. Everyone is going every which way but in the end, they all piece together their personalities pretty nicely to form this whole of Green Paper.

This Tomm Hart fellow is an interesting one to hear play. When I first heard Green Paper, I couldn't help but think that he sounds almost identical to Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys. I took a drive with a friend and she played a lot of Tomm's solo, self-recorded stuff too and at that time, I thought next of Conor Oberst. It's a not a bad combination at all! It'll be intriguing to wonder where his songwriting will end up in the future. He reminds me a lot of Maggie. Loads and loads of potential and at their age, they're already showing some spectacular shades of popular musicians already tearing up the landscape of the world today.

It was an interesting session. We ended up filming in two different kitchens. We walked into the second while the resident of that house, the guitarist's cousin, was still in bed. "Why? Why? Why?" he shouted in a muffled tone from the bedroom. The band didn't care. Their apathy suggested that they probably invaded that particular cousin's house a good number of times before. Sweet Natalie too smiled and grinned and was frustrated at every idea for location she suggested to me. "Have you filmed on a rooftop? What about a waterfall? What about a garden?" Well, I've been to dragged to the aforementioned multiple times before by bands so eager for a scenic backdrop we've seen and loved to death in postcards from lovers and friends. This is really the first time I've ever filmed a band right in their own kitchen. So, this is for Natalie too. She has her unique moment from me now.

My weeks are drawn out. My weeks are both fast and slow. A really good friend had told me once that it might not be so good to be a moment in time. To live a fast, unnerving, blurring stream of burning shows, cold liquor, and creative ruts that stop only when there's a musician in front of my camera to film. We shall see what we shall see.

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