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CONNECT: Kristopher Rey-Talley

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I'm only right across the river looking at the bright lights of the city
Walking its streets to find meaning
For me to be involved in its day is what I need and
No other big reason, hoping I never leave it
I love to feel the rush of its streets and live sounds
Seeking for a moment of peace in downtown
Feel it all inside you
The streets live you see it all around
Even when I am lost I feel found
The city of New York!
Standing I'm surrounded by people of all sorts
I never want it to the end
Even right at the start of it
Covered in its blanket of hope want every part of it
Right to the very heart of it
Only problem is
its also like the city of broken dreaming
but damn it it's so releaving
that everytime I walk in its streets
i get this feeling!
(Wake up in the city that never sleeps)
Wake up in the city that never sleeps
(To find the cream of the crop, at the top of the heap)
like I could never find a greater peace
than to be in the city and walk amongst its streets
i'm tired of just waiting
ear to the pavement I could hear its saying
(I'll make a brand new start of it)
you can start brand new
you know what to do
its really up 2 u
(New York)
ever city greatest just is york new
its backwards that's why what they tell u is so true!
(If I can make it there)
if you can make it there
(I'll make it anywhere)
You can make it anywhere
(New York)
u can't compare at all
birthplace of hip hop
and the home of biggie smalls
(It's up to you, New York, New York)

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