This is part two of the full 44 minute film. German/Turkish, with English subtitles.
44. I'm'a get my cousins (44.Ich hol' meine Cousins) is a different kind of a coming-of-age story.
14-year old Selim is a math-nerd from one of Berlin's toughest neighborhoods, but instead of getting into trouble he does homework, helps his mom and takes care of his kitten... Until one day a neighbor who was supposed to pay him money leaves him hanging with a strange bundle. Inside... is almost a quarter-kilo of marijuana.
Along with a new accomplice Selim suddenly begins to explore the joys and perils of the drug profession.
Based mostly on actual fact and full of neo-realistic ambition "44. I'm'a get my cousins." does its best to deliver an intimate and non-judgemental portrayal of a human tragedy rather than another sensationalized marginalization.
44. I'm'a get my cousins is intended as a prequel to the feature film "44.Haraam" exploring the lives of the same protagonists as adults.

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