I'm taking Anthropology this term and I've found myself drawing a lot of monkeys. You can tell by the scientific accuracy of my drawings that my understanding of physical anthropology is very advanced.

I was so excited about this project when I first started it, but then I got a little burnt out on it so I set it aside for awhile. Then I came back to it. Then I got frustrated. Then I set it aside again. Today I came to the conclusion that I would never again have any desire to work on it...

But it still makes me laugh so it would be a shame not to share it with you guys! Even though it does end pretty abruptly now.

Music is Swing Set by Jurassic 5.

Also.. I was kind of thinking this could be my entry for the Vimeo Portrait Project for dalas verdugo:

EDIT: I guess maybe the frame rate is a little off or something. I don't know. They don't quite dance in time to the music like they do in the original. So annoying.

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