The Consumer Electronics SIG Presents:

E-Books, The Next Page in Demand

E-book readers is one of the fastest growing categories of electronic devices, expected to reach 7 million units this year. They've resulted in millions of ebooks being sold this year alone, approaching the number of real books sold. It is a category now dominated by a few players, with many others trying to enter.

We are fortunate to have several of the key players in this industry, two that have already entered, and another that has not yet announced its intentions. The panelists will provide their views on the industry and answer your questions, including:

* What does the future hold in for ebooks and e-readers?

* What will products like the iPad do to ebook reader sales?

* What does it take to be successful?

* What will be the dominant display technology? E-ink, LCD or something not yet available such as Qualcomm's Mirasol?

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