Midori Takenouchi was just a young girl when her father was sent to fight in Manchuria by the Japanese Army in 1939. The only contact she and her family had with him was through carefully screened letters that arrived from the Manchurian front. Always optimistic and patriotic, these letters painted one picture of the war abroad. Eventually however, her father found a risky way to send his real letters home without being censored. These letters presented a far different picture of the Manchurian invasion, the Japanese Army, and even Mr. Takenouchi himself. Midori remembers her father through these letters, which she has kept close to her heart for over 70 years.

Official Selection 2011 St. Louis International Film Festival
Winner 2010 CINE Golden Eagle - Professional New Media

Executive Producers: Chuck Dunkerly, Paul Deprey, National Park Service.
Producer/Editor: Ted Roach. Music by John R. La Vine. Translations by Rachel Nemoto.
Produced by the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
For more info: nps.gov/valr/photosmultimedia/valr-podcast.htm

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