This is about 1 hour of airplanes compressed into 30 seconds of video during peak times between 8:30 and 9:30 pm, shot from the roof of the parking garage at Love Field in Dallas.

I tried pushing the boundaries of compressing audio down to fit, and I feel like I'm reaching the edge here.

Each frame of video represents 4 seconds of reality (and audio), so to keep the amount of audio time compression down I had to increase the amount of editing and layering by a factor of 4 from my other attempts. This meant that I was able to see many more planes in the 30 second clip than I would have otherwise, but it also means that the planes move so fast that you start to lose the feel of the power that they are pushing out when they hit the brakes on the tarmac.

I think to go beyond this and retain interesting audio would mean rolling on nature movements and things of that genre.

Next attempt will be to go the other way, speeding things up less instead of more - so that the audio effect can be truer to what one would expect.

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