Choleric - Video by Richard Stipl

This three and half minute video is a series of 570 still
photographs stiched together to produce the illusion of
a moving image.

A natural progression from photography is the evolution into motion – bringing still images to life. It’s an original installation by Stipl which features wax sculptures (hyenas and self portraits), and a painting that acted as the background for the piece.

Although the film has a distinct “stop-motion” quality, the final effect acheived is more fluid – a liquid in and of itself. We were treating the still camera as though it were a cinematic motion camera. We walked around shooting bursts of stills and we ‘hand-stitched’ them together.

An unanticipated result, the filming technique has a choppy, disjointed effect, as though the viewer is “sniffing around” its surroundings.

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Artist Richard Stipl was born in Czechoslovakia
in 1968 and now lives and works both in Canada
and the Czech Republic.

Working initially as a painter, Richard Stipl has
recently turned to making sculpture. Considered
an exceptional talent in technical terms, Richard
stands apart from his contemporaries through
his uncanny ability to breathe a vital and invigorating
“life force” into his art works, regardless of media.

Stipl is included in many important public and
private collections worldwide.


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