Hard and sketchy race. My avg/normalized power was 250/275 (NP above my threshold) for the short (15 laps, 0.85 miles) race. Typical crit with NP 230-240. I had no condence in this pack and never felt in the groove...everyone seemed to just swirl around on the corners in a very unnerving way. I think this race convinced me never to be in a cat 5 (i.e., 4/5) pack again. It WAS a challenging course, esp. final corner #3. Commentary by video time below.

25 seconds...my shadow with camera...b/n corners 1/2 on each lap.

1:05: i remind people to "be cool" on the corners...or they will be immortalized on the internet.

3:36.oops..have to work harder coming out of (last) turn 3...this happens several times.

3:55: #82 keeps tapping my hip to move over...I comment back.

4:35 #82 tries to take someone else out...I comment to him again.

5:26...move back up a bit in the wind (though easy there as people slow)...need better position coming out of corners...do this a couple times...few 'rides' available to the front it feels like.

7:52: TRUCK on inside of corners 2...I get too distracted and then close a small gap.

8:44: try the outside of turn 3 to slightly better effect...never get comfortable there.

10:00: riding crappy...never got in the groove. Hard and sketchy. Maybe I should have sat a little further back? But too worried about crashes in this field.

13:03: solo attack by someone, then joined by a couple others, then shed down to one eventual winner with field sprint for 2nd. at 14:00 or so should have gone too, but have not seen a break stick in cat 4 all year. And multiple folks go and reel most of it back.

17:30 wow things still strung out. Then I know I'm in trouble when a bunch of unattached and mountain bike team riders slide past me.

18:48: he's skinny but I'll take a little ride, then move up on my own in the wind. Keeps mushrooming on the home stretch as the hill slows everyone, but not in a good way for me.

20:20 I attack...want OUT of this pack. One other guy runs up past me..but then the whole pack is back on us right away. Looking at the tape later though I looked fine...should have sat tight and waited..risking the (eventual) pack crash on final corner.

22:00 Lose a ton of spots on the corner..must have been tired after dumb attack.

24:00 move up on outside and attack again. Hey is that a rider up there? But pack back on in 45 seconds..I hope they'll keep it strung out. Bell lap.

25:10 After corner 1 lose places like crazy..blown. Out of contention for top 10 and sit up...my one smart move today. A teammate and 5 others in the top 10 were taken down by someone doing a massively wrong corner dive (running right down the curb before the turn, reportedly).

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