For 2010’s Beam Project, Visual Artist Daniela Kostova and Filmmaker Mike DeSeve proposed a solar-powered, blue-screen based movie production that reimagined George Melies’s 1902 silent classic, A Trip To The Moon. In Beam’s A Trip To The Sun, Industrialist Moretrust Wellman needs the help of Kristin, a twelve year-old blind girl, to achieve his monopolistic vision for harnessing the sun's power. But Wellman soon finds out that Kristin has a vision all her own.

A Trip To The Sun was made by Beam Camp’s 95 campers and 25 staff, who shot the film on a 40-foot blue screen stage of their construction, using only the sun for lighting and solar energy to power the cameras.

Beam is a summer camp in Strafford, NH where kids aged 7-16 learn to make their ideas happen through fine and manual arts, technology and collaboration. Every summer campers collaborate on the spectacular Beam Project and engage with our full-time and visiting staff of professional architects, videographers, builders, engineers, designers, and makers of all kinds. They learn to transform ideas into artifacts and action, personal achievement into community success.

Every summer we do and build something never done or built before, The Beam Project. Beam commissions a different distinguished artist, architect or general big thinker as Project Master to conceive each summer’s Project. They conceive it, Beam Campers and Staff work together to make it happen.

The 2010 Beam Project
A Trip To The Sun (11:58)
Project Masters: Daniela Kostova & Mike DeSeve
Acting, Direction, Production, Editing, Cinematography, Rendering, Compositing, Carpentry, Set Design, Costumes, Music Composition, Art Direction, Props, Sound Effects, Visual Effects, Lighting, Script Supervision, Character Design, Production Design, Titles, Continuity, Craft Services, Make-up, Music Recording, Music Scoring, Animation, Documentary Production: The Staff and Campers of Beam Camp 2010

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