Neon Lights Ad Infinitum

Directed and acted by Fabrice Ducouret
Soundtrack composed by Melissa Cox

Best costume design LA new wave film festival
Honorable mention LA new wave film festival

There doesn't seem to be anyone outside on this cold, post-apocalyptic afternoon.
Where did they all go? Not in the underground for sure, there's nobody there as well.
What's with all the pigeons? Do they have something to do with this? Are they after me?
Maybe I'm just a robot set for extinction myself, after all.

"On Sunday afternoons, there usually isn't much more to do than timelapse photography, hanging out in the beautiful dark light of the deserted subway stations and making films in Super-8" - at least this is what I thought back when I lived in the suburbs. And this film was made for one of those reasons. Another reason was the decision of Kodak to stop the making of Kodachrome films the year I shot it - 2006. I bought several rolls of it off eBay and was surprised to see a roll whose expiration date was the month I was born (03/1981).
Everything made sense, everything went full circle if I used this expired film to make a post-apocalyptic film in which I would be featured as the last survivor.

Another reason was the ominous design of some underground stations: retro, yet futuristic, out of time and yet a perfect background for a post-apocalyptic short film. The mechanical images, shapes and saturated Kodachrome colors were what I thought was the best to convey the atmosphere of "03/1981"

Shot on Kodachrome

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