playaround 由一群藝術家/科學家所組成,認同 FLOSS 的精神,借由工作坊這個方式分享知識與創作,其實玩樂也是很大一部份,我們並沒有一定的組織,也沒有既定的流程等等,也因為playaround 不屬於任何一個組織,每年經費來源的籌措都像一塊檔在前面的大石頭等著我們合力跨過,或搬動,所以,若你認同共作坊的舉辦方式,我們更希望你能加入,共同策劃,或是擔任應援講師及志工的角色。

playaround 作為一個關注數位文化與數位創作工作坊,核心的態度是自由、開放與分享,本質上在於推助年輕的創作者,觀察並思考數位文化的變化,並從課程的技巧與啟發中尋找創作的意義與能量。playaround workshop 的理想與價值慢慢地影響了年輕的創作者,本地的年輕創作者開始不定期舉辦類似 playaround workshop 的創作分享形式,為了讓更多人了解 playaround 的核心價值,未來將加強與各種媒體的宣傳與介紹,讓一般大眾也可以了解。從一個種子教育的平台延伸至藝術與社會的聚合體。

playaround is formed by a group of artists and scienists with the spirit of FLOSS, sharing knowledge and creative through workshops. We haven’t got a fixed organization, fixed schedule and flow, and it is all because we are not belonged to any organization. And because of it, the resource of every year is a big obstacle waiting us to come over. So, if you agree the direction of the workshop, we hope you come and join, work together, or even as teaching-assistant and volunteer.

playaround, as a workshop concerning the digital culture and digial creative, free, open and share are the core concept of us. We push and help young people to create, observe and think about the digital culture. And looking for the meaning and power of creative in the workshop. The believes and value of playaround workshop is influencing young creater. The local young creater start holding a sharing section by borrowing the form of playaround workshop, let more and more people understand the core value of playaround. We are going to have more promotion and introduction on the media to let more and more people know our believes, from a platform of education, extending to a collabroation of art and society. (English) (Chinese)

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