PECKER on 50 Beer Bottles

During the KLIK! festival, we bring together two of the things we love most: beer and animation. Thanks to Vedett, KLIK! is giving away bottles of beer with a single frame of the new Dutch short film Pecker (PIK!) on the label. Pecker is part of the four films that make up the Ultra Kort initiative that currently screens in front of Shrek: Forever After in the Pathé cinemas. 50 pictures from the original story board will be printed as labels for Vedett bottles that are sold and given away during the festival and a special shelf that can hold all fifty labeled bottles will be installed in the foyer of Kriterion.
You can recreate the story board or you can mix and match to create interesting juxtapositions of your own!

Director Erik van Schaaik and the rest of the crew will also be available for a chat and to sign your bottle, turning it into an instant collector’s item!

So come on down and enjoy animation and beer, courtesy of, and

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