INVIVIA premiers XUI Play, the third video in a series of conceptual shorts developed for Microsoft Surface. The XUI series is a poetic exploration of how technology might invisibly integrate into our daily lives.

The series was created to expand upon the foundation of Microsoft Surface Technology by combining Variable User Interfaces (XUI) and ubiquitous computing. It is an investigation of speech, touch, and gestural interaction off of the screen and in the environment.

XUI Play, the third video, is a hyper-real portrayal of a dinner party where differing points-of-view create a complex array of conflicting interactions. The physical constraints of dining at a table can hold together conflicting opinions and desires inside of a singular activity. We are using this metaphor of a dinner party as an analog for collaborative computing. This video also investigates the cause and effect of small gestural interactions on an urban scale via the digital cloud. Here, analog devices behave in extraordinary ways with the hidden aid of technology.

In order of appearance, staring Alexandria Long, Brad Benedetti, Tori Sparks, James Cerne, and Susan Boet.

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