Chapter 7: Promising Practices in...
• Socratic Inquiry
• Discussion Roles & Responsibilities
• Use of Evidence
• Peer Assessment

Language Arts Class, West Middle School
Colorado Springs School District 11

Chapter 8 : Promising Practices in...
• Experimental Learning
• Scientific Inquiry
• Guiding Questions
• Metacognition

Science Class, Galileo School of Math & Science
Colorado Springs School District 11

The Council on 21st Century Learning Presents 10 Promising Practices Segments. These segments were recorded in Colorado classrooms during the 2008-2009 school year in Aurora, Denver and Colorado Springs District 11. C21L continues to produce videos that encourage and foster support for teachers and administrators who wish to bring 21st Century learning skills into the classroom.

For more information about the work of C21L go to:

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