This sermon was preached in 2008, before many of the resources for The Story had been developed. As you are watching this video, be aware of the following upgrades:

The Jeopardy video Randy used at the beginning of this message is available to show in your church. If you do not have a church kit for The Story, you may purchase the video from Willow Creek Association. Go to, click on "Shop all Resources", and search for "Jeopardized Faith."

If you have a church kit for The Story, use your password to access the Online Resource Library, and on the Weekend Services page click on the Sermon Video Library and enter the password. The Jeopardy video is the second video posted in this sermon library. Thank you to Willow Creek Community Church for giving us permission to share their video with Story churches! For help, contact

Oak Hills Church had a specific website in operation for the year they did The Story, but it no longer exists. They recorded volunteers reading The Story and posted the audios on their website, and we get requests from churches occasionally who want to do the same thing. In the years since this sermon was preached, Zondervan has introduced an audio book recording of The Story that your people can purchase if they want to listen to the book - it's beautifully and professional produced, and I can highly recommend it.

Also, if you want to set up a special Story website for your church, you can get one ready-made from the people who did the Oak Hills website, by going to our preferred vendor, Upper Room Technologies,

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