As the first night of the SF Outside Lands drew to a close, music goers of mixed generations and ears began to converge on opposite sides of the festival venue. On one end of the park, a multi-generational crowd gathered to soak in what would be a 10 year anniversary of what remained of the Grateful Dead playing in Golden Gate Park. On the opposite end, a society, chock full of the energy and the lifeblood that drove the festival through its initial day, convened to be guided by the voices of the Strokes.

The term, 'hot crowd' could not begin to describe the convergence of energies brought on by such a surprising mix of event goers. This energy, which had built up through the day, when finally allowed to realize itself did so in an amazing fashion -- the crowd acting and singing in unison whilst being skillfully played by maestro, Julian Casablancas and his ever maturing band of rock stars, The Strokes.

The french have a term (Mise-en-scène) used to describe the people, places, and things that tell a story within a scene. The written word could not justify the sights and sounds (and energy) of this performance and crowd, so the folks at URB HD decided to cut together a scene piece rather than let the words of a review fall short.


URB presents a Society Theory Original
Mise-en-scène - The Strokes at the SF Outside Lands

Executive Producer: URB
Producer: Matt Carvalho for Society Theory
Director: Phil Nacionales
Camera: Joey Carmelo, Aoi Yamaguchi, Phil Nacionales
Editor/Post Production/Color: Phil Nacionales

Music Credits:
The Strokes - 'I'll Try Anything Once' (You Only Live Once Original Demo)
The Strokes - You Only Live Once

Special Thanks: The Strokes, SF Outside Lands

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