This video is the work sample for Amazingland the Magical (working title) created and performed by Trey Lyford, Geoff Sobelle and Steve Cuiffo. For more info please visit

Next Stop Amazingland

Amazingland. |uh-mey-zing-land| (n) place, zone or state. Where your mind is blown clean through the back of your head by the sheer power, grace and unbelievability of a magical performance. Where your jaw drops helplessly to your knees, you shudder and lose control of all bodily functions, you are overwhelmed in a barrage of glitz, glam and shazam - and you wonder – where am I? Well, you're in Amazingland. And that's a pretty amazing place to be.

From the twisted minds of the dreamscape vaudeville all wear bowlers and the kinetic junk play machines machines machines machines machines machines machines, and now teaming up the shaman-like powers of magician Steve Cuiffo (The Amazing Russello; Lenny Bruce); comes an experience you weren't even aware existed. Three magicians. Two nights. One matinee. Zero boring stuff. Sub-zero intelligence. It's time to make it all add up… In Amazingland.

Next Stop Amazingland satirizes and embraces the dazzling world of magic. Three semi-pro magicians are on the journey of a lifetime bringing wonder to the masses. A lost, divorced shaman from the desert, a mentalist with a penchant for moat-and-sword warlock acts and a ladies-man card master who hasn’t been on a date in 15 years join together for the first (and last) time to bring astonishment to the needy and try to miraculously piece their lives together. This is their show. These three world-class jackasses are brought together by a producer who thought, "if it worked with opera, it's bound to work for magic." It is "The Three Tenors" of the sparkling world of conjuring. The more the characters posture, front and hide behind their "smoke/mirrors," the more they reveal their vulnerability. This is a piece about truth and deception. Self-deception. It is a portrait of our contemporary culture as a juvenile charlatan more concerned with slick outward appearance than depth, spirituality or adulthood; an evening of magic born from the lies that we tell ourselves in order to keep the show on the road. Here lies the grand illusion: that we can willingly suspend our disbelief with no strings attached.

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