Not only our first year in the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project, but our first short film ever. This was a blast to put together, I want to thank everyone who helped, I can't believe we pulled this off with only 4 people in 48 hours. I'll render out an HD version soon!

*Winner Best Western

Written and Directed by Kyle Jones, Brett Warren

Crew: Erin Jones, Kevin Harkness

Lawmen: Kyle Jones, Brett Warren
Eva Minors: Lauren Williams
Evan Minors: Travis Cole
Mourners: Erin Jones, Kevin Harkness, Krista Kent

Prop: Chess set
Line of Dialogue: "It's not easy being me"
Character: Eva or Evan Minors, a city employee
Genre: Western

Filmed on Canon T2i w/ 18-55mm kit and 50mm 1.8

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