How Not to Capture a Muscovy Red Faced Duck at Burger King (Part 1 of 2)

The Specimen

Burger King #7350, 1401 West Corbett Avenue, Swansboro, North Carolina
July 7, 2008; 6:37 PM EDT

A Muscovy Red Faced Duck was spotted behind green bushes at a Burger King on July 7th in the afternoon.
The Muscovy duck was allegedly reported to have lived behind the bushes at the Burger King for about a week while the duck was feeding on food put on the ground by other Burger King customers.

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RIPEMD-320: E407F1ED4CBE7D0DFBEEEF38355F73E5B321A0EC8C60FC19A5DC7684193E48DF647169670F0C8385
SHA-1: 83E40CCC331C6C5EA8A0FA27B589BA1A8F2FF82D
SHA-512: 19DED8CB5E2B994DF1DC10D2AC33C00337B8BAF25286CB1CBD3157EBB7A7438C1B45C9250B53E73028022D4E9CED3E94088FC83C8829561B07E21E44CDA24437
Tiger: 4F2D0C9DBA156BAF0FFC16D111B5401A5693587CC9333224
Whirlpool: B3375B3A5E7EDE7F03B3B5A70133F012C9969BF057B3DD7611308E9D40E262C9FDE65D47247ED6038FB05EFAD33B815C02DC4C1CD1042A244ED220D75E1FF76B


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