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Untold numbers of manuscripts are started, finished, and abandoned at the antique desks of Varuna House. There is always a cup of tea on the boil, a well stocked jar of chocolate biscuits, and enough creative space to stretch your authorly ego.

In the mornings frost gathers at the windows to witness the writer’s spooning themselves from their warm beds. The daffodils stand to attention as the day broadens with sun. When it is quiet, and it is often this way, you can hear the scratching of pens and the light footfalls of fingers on keys. Each writer finds their pace as the day thins out, slipping by like a unwinding spool of cotton.

Then as the sun drops and the chill blue mountain air seals around the house, a fire is lit, the table is set and the night's menu is explained. The writer's gather to lick their wounds and toast the day's triumph ('I made it!'). The food is hot and plentiful and tastes of home, the wine softens the heat from the fire.

And waiting in each room is the desk, the manuscript, the poem. An open notebook full of expectation. And Eleanor walks the halls, checking in on us all.

Filmed on Canon 5D MKII with Nikkor 50mm and 28mm lenses and 24-105mm Canon lens.

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