4'55" Un corps agité et bruyant submergé dans une eau sombre et silencieuse. Une créature en soi. Son corps devient de plus en plus sonore alors que l'eau muette devient protectrice et sensuelle. Une goutte d'eau hurlante dans l'océan.
"It is about an agitated and noiseful body plunged in a dark and soundless water. A creature on its own. Her body gets loud and the water remains absolutely silent but still expressing protection and sensuality. One noisy drop in the ocean."
Sounds here:

Director ML
Original soundtrack Omewenne & Amodali
Camera ML & E. Thiénot
Sound design ML & J. C. Scottis
Illustration Anton

CO was invited at Le Festival Tous Courts in Aix-en-Provence for “Dance of the Bodies” experimental program on Dec. 2nd & 4th 2009.
Also in competition at the 38th Festival Du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal (Canada) in Oct. 2009.
Invited for the selection at Singapore International Film festival and also at the 1st edition of Le Festiquarius Sleeman in Sherbrooke (Québec, Canada), from 20 to 29 May 2010.
CO was screened at Atelier Combes&Renaud in Nov. 19th and 20th, 2010.
CO at Mindscapes' event in Theater 7 in Las Vegas in October 21, 2011

CLAIRE OBSCURE was screened at the ATA in San Francisco in February 11th, 2012, as a continuation of the show held on October 21-22 in Las Vegas, The Mindscapes Show.

To be continued.

It is the second part of a Triptych/
DVD of Diatomée ( ) and Malojá ( ) now on sale at ML SHOP:


DVD on sale at ML SHOP:

New short movie MALOJÁ (6'06") -4/3, DV- original soundtrack by Steven Severin - -
Whilst premiering 'Malojá', the Cerisier gallery will be presenting a retrospective of this artist's audiovisual works. Vernissage due november 5th 2010 from 6:30pm onwards and on Nov. 6th.
Maloja was screened on Dec. 3rd 2010 at LATE AT TATE in London as an opening to STEVEN SEVERIN's performance.

Her self-published first novel 'Maloralomara' will be available at the gallery and also at ML Shop.
©2010 limonadeart, Paris

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