Vinnie's delusions bring him back home, where we are finally shown the fate of his wife.

Starring (in order of appearance):

Ilya - Ian Wolff
Burns - Bill Harden
Vinnie - Adam Manu
Man In House - Ryan Maxwell
Mary - Nicole Maxwell
Thug - Joe Fionda

Cinematography by Kyle Sparks

Original Music composed by Ian Wolff

Edited and Mixed by Ryan Maxwell and Ian Wolff

Percussion by Devin Maxwell

Opening photo graphic by Brandon Joseph

Production info:

Shot on a Canon 5d Mark II

50mm 1.2

FCP 5.1.4

Pro Tools LE

Zoom H4n

Audio Technica Gooseneck mic

Duct tape

mPress Studios 2010

If you'd like to catch up on the story line, here are the previous winners:

Chapter 1: "The Cabbie"

Chapter 2: "Job Security"

Chapter 3: "The Beach"

Chapter 4: "Allison"

Chapter 5: "Miracle"

Chapter 6: "Fool Circle"

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