This video is a comparison between our original, sequential load of ads on a page and our new asychronous method. With the new method, we load ads and page content separately and display each as available. You'll notice that the main content on both the main page and the forums listing comes up significantly faster in the asynchronous mode.

A few notes about this video. It was created using the excellent visual page load comparison tool at It is a slow-motion side-by-side comparison of the same pages being loaded in IE7. Most people will see much faster load times due to caching - this is all done with a cleared cache, so our caching optimization didn't really help.

The first 2.1 seconds of the video were blank during the load process so they were removed for brevity's sake, as was the last bit of the video while the final ads on the main page load. The video stops when the last non-ad content piece, the Quick Picks spinner, finally appears on the sequential main page (though it seems that the final frame where that content appears actually didn't get encoded on Vimeo, so you never actually see it).

The sequential images are from our production server, which is actually a faster server than our development server, from which the asynch images were taken. This is why you see slightly faster overall loading speed on the sequential images.

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