Working with Nike, Buck directed and produced one 30 sec spot for TV and a plethora of other animated goodness that coated multiple screens in Times Square for the World Basketball Festival in NYC.


Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Eric Badros
Production Coordinator: Ashley Hsieh
Associate Creative Director: Jeremy Sahlman
Art Director: Joe Mullen
Design: Joe Mullen
Modeling: Rie Ito, Ivan Sokol, Jens Lindgren, Ana Luisa Santos, Claudio Salas, Jaime Klein
Texturing: Ana Luisa Santos, Jaime Klein, Jorge Canedo, Ivan Sokol
Rigging: Jens Lindgren, Matt Everton, Joel Anderson
Animation 3D: Matt Everton, Steve Day, Alessandro Ceglia, Claudio Salas
Animation 2D: Jorge Canedo
Cel Animation: Alessandro Ceglia, Regis Camargo, Will White, Kendra Ryan, Stephanie Simpson, Jenny Ko, Claudio Salas
Lighting: Jens Lindgren, Ana Luisa Santos
Compositing: Moses Journey, Claudio Salas, Jens Lindgren
Software Used: Maya, Flash, After Effects
Music and Sound Design: John Black / CypherAudio
Creative Director: Ray Butts
Art Director: Michael Spoljaric
Executive Producer: Pat Hellberg
Producer: Craig Smith
Production Organizer: Alana Spears
Character Design: Saiman Chow
Typography: Sanderson Bob and Rami Nemi

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