With their third album, Business Casual, due for launch on the 19th of September, the URB HD team were able to get a quick sit down with the electrofunk duo and Next 100 alum, Dave 1 and P-Thugg otherwise known as Chromeo. After a slew of releases, remixes, and visual displays (try to catch that P-Thugg original t-shirt collab), they are poised to retake the dance floors, ear canals, and bandwidth of the cool hunting folks all over the world.

Catching up with the duo at the SF Outside Lands, the URB HD crew was hard pressed to really come up with the words to describe such a frenetically enthralled crowd of kids that packed the entire section of the venue to the brim. Opening the set up with their own impassioned take on the call and response portions of California Love, the Chromeo cats were able to work the crowd into an even greater frenzy of dancing, vibes, and all around cheer.

As industry veterans (watch the interview and you'll see why), their maturity, knowledge (from hip hop heads to electronic saints), and know how come across as the tools that will carry the duo through the pop culture landscape for years to come.

Words: Phil Nacionales for URB Magazine


Executive Producer: URB Magazine
Producer: Matt Carvalho for Society Theory
Director: Phil Nacionales
Camera: Joey Carmelo, Derrick Victa, Josh Schielie
Editor/Post Production/Color: Phil Nacionales
Audio: Joey Carmelo

Music Credits:
Beach House x Mims x Chromeo - 'Like This' (Black Glove Remix)
Chromeo - 'Don't Turn The Lights On' (HappyBox Remix)
Chromeo - 'Destination Overdrive'

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